"I would have all of my Offensive Lineman wrestle if I could."
- John Madden, Hall of Fame Football Coach

“I draft wrestlers because they are tough,I have never had a problem with a wrestler.”      Joe Gibbs, Hall of fame Football Coach

Football never made a wrestler a better wrestler, BUT wrestling made every football player a better football player!

Crossover Skills

Many of the positions and skill are absolutely transferable between both sports Some of those skills include, but are not limited to: 

footwork, hand-eye coordination, mental toughness, explosive movements and balance

                             “I love wrestlers, they are tough and they make great football players.”                             Bob Stoops, National Championship Football Coach - University of Oklahoma.

“Wrestlers make coaching football easy, they have balance, coordination, and as a coaching staff we know they’re tough.”

  Tom Osborne - College Hall of Fame Football Coach - University of Nebraska

"In Texas, everyone knows that high school football is king," Denney said. "I'm telling you, though, Texas is catching up in wrestling. And a lot of the football coaches are realizing how much wrestling can help their football team. And believe me, that's the truth. I know it firsthand. You have to remember when I started out I was a football coach in high school, and I would go to the wrestling team and get everyone that could to sign up for my football team." 

- By Wade Baker,The McAllen Monitor MCAllen, Texas.

My football coach told me, 'You better get in wrestling or I'll beat you up,'" 
-- Tim Lee, Texas High School All-American

Lee said that wrestling helps him on the football field because he knows he has to stay low. 

"In wrestling, you've got to have self-discipline and self-motivation. As a lineman, it's the same thing ... me vs. you. He brings that mentality to the football field." 
- Lee's High School Football Coach, Tim Howard

"One of the messages Denney hopes to relay to the Valley high school coaches and athletes is that wrestling is the perfect complement to football. While football is in its offseason, wrestling provides the perfect opportunity for the athletes to remain active, while working on their agility and conditioning, Denney said.